Sacarias Chavez, Colombia (250g)

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Sacarias Chavez, Colombia (250g)

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This coffee tastes like grape, cherry conserve, maple syrup

Location: Nariño, Colombia

Varieties: Caturra

Processing: Fully Washed & Sun Dried

Sacarias Chavez learnt how to produce coffee from his grandparents and, following in their footsteps, he has been producing coffee on his own for more than 60 years. Representing the third generation of coffee growers in his family he is slowly passing this passion to the fourth generation. Sacarias produces coffee with his son, who intends to continue producing coffee for many more years to come.  For Sacarias, the most special characteristic of his farm is the passion and love with which they work. 

Sacarias may be 78 years old, but he is still totally involved in overseeing and controlling all the processes on the farm, knowing that his farm can produce better coffee year after year.  He strongly believes that part of the success of his coffee, besides love and passion, has been focusing on producing just Caturra.  

At 78, his biggest goal now is to continue improving the quality of his coffee and one day to win in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.  The important thing though, is that Sacarias will always continue trying to produce amazing coffees.

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