Ruli, Rwanda (250g)

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Ruli, Rwanda (250g)

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This coffee tastes like black tea and apricot with a dark chocolate finish.

Over the 12 years we’ve been working with the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, we’ve visited their Ruli washing station eight times. During these years, Market Lane Coffee has bought many delicious lots from the co-op, and we’ve also held fundraisers and offered our support for the development of an on-site dairy and the establishment of a women’s centre for weaving – both created to help the cooperative’s members generate income in the coffee off-season.

Dukunde Kawa is known for the beautiful coffees it produces; it has placed highly in the Cup of Excellence competition on seven different occasions. This lot is made up entirely of peaberry beans, which are small, round and dense beans with a big, intense flavour. This is a gorgeous example of a sweet and balanced coffee from an impressive and dynamic cooperative.

- words by Market Lane. Browse more delicious coffee beans from Market Lane here.