Raro, Ethiopia (250g)

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Raro, Ethiopia (250g)

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This coffee tastes like rhubarb, treacle, mango.

Location: Uraga, Ethiopia

Varieties: Kurume

Processing: Natural

Please welcome, RARO from Uraga in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia, produced by small holder farmers in the Raro Nansabo Village. Like most producers in Ethiopia, those in RaroNansabo produce both improved and local heirloom coffee varieties. Walichu, Miqe, Badessa and Kurume are the popular local coffee varieties in Guji. Producers commonly mix and plant different coffee varieties together on their farms. There are few farmers who keep the variety groups separate. Dambi Udo Agro Industry (who exported this coffee) works with the few smallholder coffee producers in Raro Nansabo who separately produce the famous local coffee variety “Kurume”.

This RARO lot is 100% Kurume and is punchy, lively, fruity and super sweet. It tastes like Rhubarb, Treacle and Mango, has some floral overtones and will taste absolutely delicious as filter and batchie.

- words by Wood & Co Coffee Roasters. Browse more coffee beans from Wood & Co here.