Mwiria, Kenya (250g)

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Mwiria, Kenya (250g)

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This coffee tastes like apricot jam and lime with a buttery mouthfeel.


Mwiria is a washing station (or ‘factory’ as they’re known locally) in Embu County, Central Kenya. It is one of three washing stations owned by the Central Ngandori Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Society. This co-op is made up of over 3000 producer-members, around 1000 of whom deliver their ripe coffee cherries to Mwiria during harvest.

The coffees that make up this lot were grown in the foothills of the extinct Mt Kenya volcano – an area that boasts nutrient-rich soil, high elevations and a cool climate, all of which contribute to the outstanding coffees being produced there. At harvest time, the producers hand-pick their coffee and deliver it to Mwiria, where it is meticulously wash-processed and sun-dried. Once ready, the coffee is transported to Kahawa Bora Mill to be dry-milled and prepared for shipping.

 In the cup, coffees from Embu are known for having a bright acidity and ‘classic’ Kenyan flavours like blackberry and lime. We think this delicious coffee represents the best of the region, with its sparkling acidity, floral complexity and apricot sweetness.  

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