Genji Challa, Ethiopia (250g)

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Genji Challa, Ethiopia (250g)

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This coffee tastes like raspberry candy, peach, baking spice.

Location: Jimma, Ethiopia

Varieties: Local Heirloom

Processing: Fully Washed & Sun Dried

Super excited to release our first Ethiopian coffee from this year's harvest. Genji Challa is the sister washing station of Nano Challa. Both run by the Kata Muduga Cooperative.

This fully washed and sun dried coffee exemplifies the best that Jimma has to offer. Bright Raspberry Candy acidity, a Peach like fruitiness and Baking Spice on the finish. Definitely one of those coffee's you can drink anyway you like and all day loooooong.

- words by Wood & Co Coffee Roasters. Browse more coffee beans from Wood & Co here.