Finca Los Palomos, Columbia (250g)

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Finca Los Palomos, Columbia (250g)

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Tastes like juicy sweetness with ripe cherry and blueberry.


This coffee was produced by Léonardo Henao on his 10-hectare farm, Los Palomos (or ‘the doves’ in Spanish). Léo is also the Director of Coffee at Pergamino, our Colombian coffee-exporting partner, who we’ve been working with since 2016. Léo is one of the most curious, passionate and knowledgeable coffee professionals we know, so we were thrilled when we learnt that, through his work with Pergamino, he was inspired to establish his own farm in the beautiful Urrao region.

Léo works closely with his farm administrator and long-time friend Jorge Cuella, and together they’ve focused on experimenting with new varieties and processing methods. This lot of coffee is made up of chiroso bourbon variety beans – a new variety native to Urrao that has become recognised internationally for its exceptional quality. This is one of the first coffees produced and exported by Finca Los Palomos, and we’re very excited to have
it on offer.

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