Cafundó Espresso, Brazil (250g)

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Cafundó Espresso, Brazil (250g)

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Tastes like caramel and cherry with a heavy body.


Cafundó is produced by Pedro Santana, who bought farmland outside Piatã in 1989. At that time, he was leading a busy, stressful life, working as a banker in São Paulo. He moved to the country with his family to pursue a slower, simpler life. He invested in coffee to take advantage of the farm’s high altitude and the area’s favourable growing conditions.

The farm’s name, Cafundó, translates to ‘very very far away’ – which it is, both physically and mentally, from the bustle of São Paulo. With the help of the high altitude and the shade trees in the plantation, the beans mature slowly, allowing sugars to develop and resulting in a sweet, complex cup.

When we asked Pedro what his typical day looks like, he said, “I wake up early and spend the whole day on the land. I love the calm of the countryside. Delzute, my wife of over 40 years, works by my side during the harvest and helps with administration.” Pedro has no regrets about switching from banking to coffee production. He told us, “No amount of money could pay for what we have here.”