Alicia Martinez, Honduras (250g)

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Alicia Martinez, Honduras (250g)

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This coffee tastes like mango, hazelnut, shortbread

Location: Erandique, Honduras

Varieties: Catimor

Processing: Semi Washed

Please welcome ALICIA MARTINEZ. Alicia is part of a generational coffee family. In 2017 her father Antonio gave her a plot of land as a gift where Alicia founded Finca Martinez.

Coffees at Finca Martinez are processed as a semi washed coffee. Once cherries are selectively picked and hand sorted, they are placed in fermentation tanks with water overnight to remove floaters before being pulped the next morning and allowed to ferment for 48 hours. Lastly the coffee is placed in a solar dryer upon raised patios and dried naturally for around 15 days for the whole process to be complete. This is very uncommon in Honduras, and gives the coffee it’s unique winey and fruit forward profile. Alicia's coffee tastes of Mango, Hazelnut and Shortbread. It makes super sweet and fruity espresso but is also equally delicious as filter and batchie. 

- words by Wood & Co Coffee Roasters. Browse more coffee beans from Wood & Co here.