Aleme Wako, Ethiopia (250g)

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Aleme Wako, Ethiopia (250g)

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This coffee tastes like Hibiscus, Raspberry Jam, Brown Sugar.

Location: Biloya, Ethiopia

Varieties: Wolisho, 7441 & 74158

Processing: Natural

Aleme Wako is a specialty coffee producer from Biloya, Ethiopia. He inherited his coffee knowledge and farm from his grandfather.

In 1991, besides his income from teaching at Elementary school in Biloya, Aleme decided to diversify his livelihood to coffee farming. He has since invested a lot of energy to increase his farm size, production and productivity. Aleme's farm is planted with local heirloom coffee varietals and also the Wolisho varietal. Using the traditional Ethiopian “Natural” process to dry his coffee, it is of exceptional quality. 

Since 1991, Aleme relied on the infrastructure of his community to sell his coffee, but in 2018 he decided to register himself as an exporter and pursue his dream of selling coffee directly to roasters around the world. 

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