Moredocofe Espresso, Ethiopia (250g)

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Moredocofe Espresso, Ethiopia (250g)

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This coffee tastes like orange and dark chocolate with a honey finish.
Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: landrace varieties
Process: natural
Washing Station: Moredocofe
Farmers: Moredocofe and 300 smallholder producers
Owner: Haile Gebre and Dimbelal Endale

Haile Gebre is an inspiring producer. He and his family own around 500 hectares of land in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. They also work with 300 ‘outgrower’ farmers, as they’re known locally, to produce high quality, organic coffee. Haile is passionate about organic farming; he composts all organic materials, including coffee cherry pulp, and he encourages his outgrowers to do the same.

Haile is also passionate about supporting his community. He gives local farmers seedlings from his nursery, free of charge, and offers education on best agricultural practices. He has a sample coffee roaster, and he gives producers the opportunity to cup their own coffees and evaluate taste and quality. He has also built a primary school to provide care and education to the children of his outgrowers.

This coffee was processed naturally, a complex method that requires a high level of attention to detail. Ethiopian farmers have been processing coffee this way for generations and, through tradition and experience, producers like Haile have mastered the art of this method.

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