Nyarusiza Espresso, Rwanda (250g)

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Nyarusiza Espresso, Rwanda (250g)

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This coffee tastes like apricot and brown sugar with a black tea finish.


This coffee was produced by a group of smallholder farmers who deliver their ripe cherries to the Nyarusiza washing station. Nyarusiza is one of four washing stations owned by Buf Coffee, who we’ve been lucky enough to work with since we opened Market Lane.

Most washing stations in Rwanda receive coffee from hundreds or even thousands of small producers. Separation of tiny lots is expensive and impractical, so typically the lots are separated according to the day of picking, rather than by a single farm or group.

Recently, however, 43 producers decided to form the Kawanziza Farmer’s Group – ‘Kawanziza’ roughly translates to ‘beautiful coffee’ in the local Kinyarwanda language – and process their coffees separately as a smaller, more selected lot. These farmers also provide each other with invaluable support, sharing resources and labour during the busy harvest period.

Selling their coffee as a distinct lot enables the farmer’s group to directly benefit from any higher prices paid specifically for their coffee. This provides extra incentive to work together as a collective to achieve the very best quality. The results of this hard work and care are evident in this beautifully clean and complex coffee.

- words by Market Lane. Browse more delicious coffee beans from Market Lane here.