Twin Peaks, Blend (250g)

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Twin Peaks, Blend (250g)

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Fudge, Toffee, Mandarin

Colombia & Ethiopia

Twin Peaks is currently made up of coffees from two epic groups from Colombia and Ethiopia.

Juantama is an indigenous coffee collective from Inza, Cauca. Juantama is made up of 1800 families from 8 different tribes, who are working hard to produce delicious, clean, organic coffee grown in an area that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. The group collectively helps each other with growing and processing knowledge, and best organic practices.

Tore Badiya is a washing station located in the Gedeo Zone in southern Ethiopia. Smallholder coffee farmers in the surrounding villages deliver hand-picked coffee cherry directly to the washing station. Processing is handled in a very traditional Ethiopian way, producing a classic washed coffee with delicate florals and lots of sweetness.

Both of these coffees are roasted separately to bring out their unique characteristics and then post roast blended to produce Twin Peaks. Our signature blend, that makes the best espresso, works well with all the milks and even tastes great as filter. With notes of Fudge, Toffee and Mandarin Twin Peaks sure makes a damn fine cup of coffee.

- words by Wood & Co Coffee Roasters. Browse more coffee beans from Wood & Co here.

We recommended Twin Peaks for Espresso & Stovetop.